About NAFF

The National Indigenous Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum was established with a National Working Group in order to host information and workshop sessions across Canada in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

This national forum held an event in Halifax, NS in 2011 titled “The Business of Fisheries’ followed by an event in Nanaimo, BC in late 2012 titled “Seize the Economic Opportunities”. Both of these forums were well attended with representation from across the country and the United States.

NAFF will host the third event in May 2017 in Membertou, NS titled “Diversity, Integration and Leadership”. NAFFIII will host international participants from the State University of Sinaloa,Mexico, US Casino Food & Beverage, the John Nagle Co. and many others. 

Each of these forums are designed to share and transfer knowledge and meet face to face with other individuals and organizations that have diversified and/or implemented successful strategies. 

Hosted in 2017 by: Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat, First Nations Fisheries Council of BC, First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance, Aboriginal Aquaculture Association, Assembly of First Nations.